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Warranty Policy

Advance Used Auto Parts 30 Day Warranty

This warranty covers damaged parts or items that were sent in error. We offer a only parts warranty.
No labour costs are covered for any item that is sold from Advance Used Auto Parts. If the part is damaged, we will attempt to repair it. If there is no replacement available, we will offer a refund of the entire amount of sale. If an order is placed prior to the return of the initial part, we will request payment for the second item and will refund the original purchase when the return is made. The cost of returning the item are not reimbursed. When contacting Advance Used Auto Parts please provide an explanation in detail of the reason why the part has to be returned. If the reason is valid will go head and process the refund.
If a component is returned that doesn’t meet the requirements of this guarantee, Advance Used Auto Parts reserves the option of imposing the restocking fee of 25% and to defer shipping costs for refunds.
Advance Used Auto Parts is not accountable for the items that are delivered to the address specified when the sale was made, according to the tracking information, but not taken by the purchaser.
The Buyer/purchaser hereby agrees to pay all costs associated with examination, diagnosis, testing, and repair if failure has not occurred or has happened due to improper installation or any other reason outside the warranty scope herein. We reserve the right to inspect warranty claims that are related to transmissions, engines, axle assemblies, carriers or any other part before removal or return. Furthermore, we reserve the right to make the final decision of the warranted parts failure; our decision shall determine the validity of the warranty claim.
Items purchased for testing purposes only or incorrectly ordered by the customer won’t be returned. Make sure to verify with an experienced mechanic on the specific component required prior to ordering. We do an excellent job of sending the correct parts and we would like you to be our customer, to conduct necessary research prior to ordering. Products returned after the warranty period has expired will not be replaced and will be returned to the sender. Parts must be returned within 30 days from the original date of delivery for the shipment to be considered accepted.